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Yuan Pay Group

Yuan Pay Group Review

If you are interested in becoming a more profitable trader or are a beginner who is looking to make the most of your trading experience, using a trading robot especially designed for this purpose can be helpful. These robots make use of an algorithm that’s developed to identify profitable trades and in most cases, these robots can be set to trade automatically within specific parameters. In order to be an effective trader, you have to keep up with the movements in the financial markets, world news and economics, and also use historical data and knowledge for predicting the best time for entering and exiting a trade.

Using a trading robot simply automates this process and eliminates the emotional bias associated with trading. These robots don’t require you to have extensive experience and knowledge of trading. In fact, most of them are ready to use as soon as they are installed and offer everything, from basic trading functions to fully programmable settings, thereby allowing even the most experienced traders to benefit from automation. There are a plethora of these trading robots that exist today, but not all of them are capable of delivering results. Therefore, you have to be cautious and opt for a robot that can achieve what it claims.

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One option that you can check out for your trading needs is Yuan Pay Group, which is a powerful platform that provides you the tools needed for developing your own automated trading strategies. It might be a relatively new platform, but it gives you the ability of developing, researching and generating your own auto trading systems and trading algorithms with complete ease. The best part is that you don’t have to have any programming experience because it boasts an easy-to-use interface. This provides you with complete freedom to come up with a trading system based on your own rules.

How Does Yuan Pay Group Work?

As mentioned above, you can develop your own automated trading strategies with the use of Yuan Pay Group. Essentially, its platform enables you to create your own trading robot, which means creating a trading strategy from scratch, or you can even alter an existing one according to your own trading rules. This doesn’t require any prior programming experience or knowledge and you can accomplish it very efficiently. The point and click platform is quite user-friendly and it allows you to implement different variables and rules, while the platform deals with the coding.

Once you have created your strategy, the Yuan Pay Group will back-test it for you, so you can make any necessary tweaks in order to achieve the best possible performance. In addition, they will also provide you with your own source code uniquely generated for your trading strategy, and you can decide what you want to do with it. The source codes for the automated trading strategy are fully compatible with the MT4, the MT5, Multicharts and TradeStation.

What is the Cost of Yuan Pay Group?

When you are a new user of Yuan Pay Group, you have the option of taking advantage of a 14-day trial. During this trial period, you are given access to the complete software, along with Skype and email support and a crash course in developing trading robots. This enables you to decide whether you want to use Yuan Pay Group or not, without having to make a financial commitment first. Once the trial period is over and you are happy with the trading robot, you can choose from a variety of pricing options.

The core features of the platform are provided in the Starter package, which is available at a cost of $1,290. This payment has to be made once and it gives you access to the software for lifetime, along with updates and support for a year. The most popular choice is referred to as the Professional package, which is priced at $1,490. This includes everything that comes in the Starter package, along with some extra features, such as advanced robustness testing, an optimizer, along with data of additional markets.

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The last option that you can explore is referred to as the Ultimate package and it can be bought for a one-time payment of $4,900. This includes updates and support for lifetime, along with a host of bonus items, such as educational video courses and lifetime data subscription. This is the ideal package for experienced traders. If you want, you do have the option of spreading the cost of the package of your choice across three months. This might cost you a bit extra than a one-time payment, but it can make the software a lot more accessible.

Who Should Use Yuan Pay Group?

An important thing to know is that Yuan Pay Group comes in most handy when you already have a basic knowledge of forex trading. The software is not that difficult to use, but since you are essentially developing your own trading robot, it is best for traders who are aware of the markets they want to trade in and the variables they wish to control. The fact that it is a user-friendly and intuitive platform certainly adds to its appeal because you don’t need any coding knowledge for it. In fact, Yuan Pay Group can also be useful for you if you have an interest in starting your own Forex bot service or Forex scalping.

Since the software provides you with your own source code, the results can also be used for sharing your automated trading strategy with others for a price. There is a video training guide that’s also provided with Yuan Pay Group to help people figure out how to use it and become acquainted with trading in general. The platform is quite easy to use due to its intuitive interface and you will feel comfortable with it straight away. Once you implement your own rules for automated trading, you will be able to have access to a strategy that gives you the most profits.

Overall, Yuan Pay Group ticks all the right boxes because it is easy to use and allows you to develop your own automated trading robot for effective and profitable trading.

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