Wize Caps Review — Is wizecaps.com a Legitimate Broker?

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Wize Caps Review

You need a legitimate broker that can be trusted with your confidential information and your funds. But, they also need to provide you with the right services and features. Wize Caps is a broker that claims to do exactly that, but does it succeed? Established by Belgrade-based Global Solutions Ltd, Wize Caps has attracted a lot of attention nowadays because its user base is expanding rapidly as more and more traders are signing up with the broker. The question is whether this broker is legitimate or not? In order to determine this, you have to consider the various features and offerings available. Let’s take a look at what Wize Caps is offering to its customers.

- Robust and strong security architecture

The most important part of our Wize Caps review is Security. The security of the broker is the first concern of many traders because of the number of hacking incidents that have occurred in the past few years. Sharing your information and your money on the internet is incredibly risky and you want to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Wize Caps is aware of the security risks nowadays and the broker has taken appropriate measures to counter them. Firstly, they have used 256-bit encryption throughout their website, which means every single piece of information shared with them is fully encrypted.

As for customer records in Canada, Center East and Europe, Wize Caps keeps them in isolation for security purposes. The broker also uses 3D secure for all Visa transactions to reassure clients. As for fund security, the broker maintains segregated accounts for clients so they don’t mix up with the broker’s own funds. Secondly, all funds are kept with some of the top banks in Europe, which guarantees their safety. Only a legitimate broker would opt for such a strong and robust security architecture like Wize Caps.

- Impressive and broad range of assets

It is true that some brokers in the market only deal with a single asset, but there are also plenty of those who prefer to deal with multiple assets. But, those who are offering different assets only give a handful of options from each category. This is where Wize Caps is different. The broker offers traders the opportunity of trading a variety of assets such as forex currencies, stocks, indices and commodities and provides them with hundreds of options under each category.

You can trade the top forex currency pairs or the exotic ones. The broker has also added cryptocurrencies to the mix and rather than going with the top options like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, they have also included others like Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, EOS and Tether. This is not something every brokerage can offer you.

- KYC and AML policies are in place

Another important thing about Wize Caps is that the broker has implemented KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies for keeping its platform legitimate. Thanks to these policies, no shady individuals can sign up with the broker and make fake accounts for using their platform to launder money. Anyone who signs up has to give proof if ID, which involves submitting a government-issued ID card, passport or driver’s license. They also need to give bank statement or a utility bill to show proof of address.

As for AML, this policy requires account holders at Wize Caps to share pictures of their debit or credit card if they plan on using one. Plus, they are not allowed to use third-party accounts for making transactions and have to be consistent regarding the methods used for deposits and withdrawals. The use of these policies indicate that the broker doesn’t want its platform to be used for any illegal activities.

- Powerful and intuitive trading platforms

One of the best things about Wize Caps is the broker’s offering in trading platforms; it has chosen to add the MetaTrader 4, the top trading solution that exists these days. The MT4 is the preferred platform for global traders and enjoys a great deal of popularity because of its intuitiveness and user-friendly features. Moreover, it is loaded with some of the most powerful and advanced trading tools that you will not find at any other platform.

Wize Caps gives its clients the opportunity to use the desktop version of the MT4 and also the WebTrader, which can be accessed through the browser. Moreover, knowing about the popularity of trading on the move, the broker has included the mobile applications as well. You can download apps for iOS and Android device on your phone and access your Wize Caps account through them. It enables you to reap the benefits of the trading platform no matter where you are or what time it is.

- Round the clock customer support

During the trading process, there is a chance that you might get stuck or encounter a problem. If you don’t know how to fix it, you would need help. This is where customer support comes in. Wize Caps has added round the clock customer support to its platform for assisting its clients. Their agents are available through various channels, such as email, phone and an online contact form. You can seek assistance via any of these options and they will provide you with a quick response.

Bottom Line

With these features, it is easy to see that Wize Caps is a legitimate broker that can offer traders with everything they need at one place.

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