Is CoiniWelt Scam or Legit? CoiniWelt Comprehensive Review

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CoiniWelt Review

I have come up with a broker that lets you generate thousands of dollars, thanks to its advanced technology and professional team. What’s more, it also provides mental satisfaction as you don’t have to worry about the security of your funds. In this review, I will introduce you to CoiniWelt that is a big name in the Forex market.

Introduction to CoiniWelt

The funds over the platform are secured with the advanced technology of the modern era, which makes it impossible for hackers to breach the security layers of CoiniWelt. It is a basic need of everyone that his or her personal information will remain safe and the company is highly focused on this requirement of its users. CoiniWelt says:

“Coiniwelt clients benefit from intensive training, dedicated service, and 24/7 professional customer support and assistance.”

Funds Security

What’s more, if you have any queries about the safety of funds, you can contact the team of the trading company. The safety of your money is the major priority of CoiniWelt, which is a remarkable thing. After you deposit money, it then goes to segregated accounts established by the firm for better security. The facility of segregated accounts is supported by almost all of the brokers out there. Once you create your account with the site, the experienced team of the platform takes the whole responsibility for it. So, you should not have to worry about your capital invested in the trading products. According to the site:

“Your personal information and financial security are our top priority. We handle the client information with the most advanced and trusted security technologies available to protect their privacy.”

Safety of Information

Trading Products Offered by CoiniWelt


Besides AUD, GBP, USD, and EUR, the broker has also permitted users to access other currencies, such as JPY, ILS, CAD, and HUF. In a wide variety of currencies, you have a choice to trade a currency that you like to choose. Unlike other brokers, it equips customers with extensive features that are not present in any other trading company.

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Savings Account

Account Types

Basic Account

Standard Account

Silver Account

Gold Account

Platinum Account

VIP Account

Customer Support

Traders and investors are totally satisfied with the support service of the broker as represented by positive reviews by the users over review sites. As I have personally used it for the trading of instruments, I can say that the customer support team of CoiniWelt cooperates in the very best way.

A trader can register his complaint in different ways. They have given an email address for support purposes as you can write your proper issue and send it to the email shown at the end of the site. If the customer support agents are not responding to you, you can use the service of “Call Back.” From Monday to Friday, you can type any issue to the support team of the CoiniWelt.

CoiniWelt trading education
CoiniWelt trading education

Professional Trading Education

In live Webinars, you can also gain a lot of things that are an integral part of trading. So, it is a big opportunity for traders to gain a piece of extensive knowledge about the trading space that is vast in nature.

Experienced Team of CoiniWelt

Deposits and Withdrawals

With some brokers, it becomes very difficult to withdraw funds as they demand very long details from your side. But CoiniWelt does not await you for a long time as you can withdraw your funds instantly without any kind of hurdle. The most attractive thing related to the withdrawal process is that it does not charge fees on withdrawals. So, one can withdraw funds free of cost, which is a unique feature of the Forex broker. However, in order to comply with the anti-money laundering policy, it will ask you to submit necessary information, but it will not create difficulty or a problem for you.

Friendly User Interface

Over many sites, merging of many things at the same place create many difficulties for people who are new to the platform. To complete the withdrawal or deposit process, you will have to go through two to three simple steps and after then you will reach your destination. If something is complex or creating some kind of issue for you, you can contact the support team of the broker. Users who already use it have expressed very positive comments about its user interface.


To avoid such scams, a new user should check about its compliance nature and its registration with a regulatory entity. In case of any doubt, a trader must leave the site and should go for the next one. CoiniWelt has also applied true Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies that block any kind of illegal activity. As there are many forms that are involved in money laundering, so it is a very difficult task to find a real broker specialized in Forex trading. Based on my personal experience and reviews of other users, I can assure you that it is a very real trading site that suits your needs and requirements.

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Trading Platform

To execute trades, the company has rolled out top-notch metrics and indicators, which are important for successful trading. It offers an extensive list of trading tools that help both new and experienced traders during the time of trading. Over the trading platform of CoiniWelt, the orders execute at a very high speed. Once you become familiar with the trading platform, you can feel as an expert in the field.

Mobile App


Once you register yourself with CoiniWelt, you will become addicted to it due to its remarkable features. As a regulator trading broker, it makes your funds safe and secure with top-notch security layers while taking care of AML and KYC policies. In performance, CoiniWelt surpasses all other Forex trading brokers as it assists traders and investors in making a big profit due to the availability of multiple currency trading pairs.

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