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For the past two decades trading in forex is trending. With the internet in place, the forex trading also moved online that opened up doors of opportunities for everyone who had a computer along and an internet connection. This allowed those people also who were though afraid in going to exchanges and felt that they were not fit to take part in forex trading. But thanks to the internet, now everyone from any part of the world can take part in forex trading and they won’t need to leave their houses for conducting forex trading. Today the forex trading can be successfully carried out online without any hassle.

What is Pibexa

But of course you need an online broker to do the job. This is why we will learn today about one of the best online broker available out there which is called Pibexa. Pibexa is an online brokerage service provider which specializes in the forex market for many years and has a load of experience. Within the online community and amongst its competitors, Pibexa is appreciated by all concerned and is considered a leading online trading platform successfully dominating the forex trading market which is, at the same time, regulated and fully complying with the rules and regulations of the governing body. Over the years it has been providing outstanding trading experience with regard to features, security, user-friendliness, reliability, tools, transparency and above all education.

Pibexa’s Mission

Pibexa is committed to provide industry leading services in forex trading to its global customers through its experience and strive to provide a user-friendly interface which can be used by its local and international customers. It enjoys impeccable reputation because of its ability to create lucrative forex trading opportunities and providing a client-oriented business model which can be accessed and worked on by both, a beginner trader or a pro level trader. It has ensured availability of its highly trained customer support 24/7. Its thirst for achieving the best and allowing the greatest, makes it a global leader in forex trading.

Why to choose Pibexa

Forex trading is the major trading market and this crown is not expected to be passed on to any other trading product for a very long time. The forex markets remain open 24 hours a day and five days a week and currently it safely dominates the entire trading industry with a daily trading of US$ 4 trillion. If anyone says that forex trading is not for all, then be rest assured that this is not true. Forex trading as compared with other trading products such as stocks, commodities, CFDs, metals, does not cost a lot of money. It also does not require injecting huge sums of money as capital but instead can be easily accessed by an average individual.

Being an enormous market, it therefore allows great liquidity and high volume of earning profit on investment. The beauty of forex trading is that no single institutional trader owns it and fortunately there are no middleman. Because forex trading involves exchanging of currencies with another currency, therefore even if you have made loss by exchanging a currency, even then the asset available to you can be stocked for a right time and when the prices of your asset goes up you can cash out to make profits. Any intended trader may need to take into account that there are obvious advantages and disadvantages and this is where Pibexa can play a crucial and vital role. Pibexa has been able to provide its customers a state of the art platform where they can conduct forex trading and derive benefits from it. Some of the benefits that can be availed through the platform of Pibexa are: -

Ø Providing of web based trading platform which has user-friendly interface and does not required to be downloaded but instead a customer of Pibexa can do forex trading directly through the website of Pibexa

Ø Providing of diverse forex trading experience which include allowing the customers to explore opportunities from the world’s most popular and major forex trading centres namely Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore, London, Paris and New York.

Ø Providing of high end security which is advanced and updated from to time for allowing the customers to enjoy highly secured platform which is transparent and risk free

Ø Providing of special perk which comes handy when you are out of money but Pibexa ensures 10% of investment return in this scenario.

Ø Providing of related news, updates and information which can then be used by the customers in order for him to participate in a profitable forex trading.

Ø Charging of low fees on trading transactions and making available various discounts, leverages and bonuses

Pibexa’s trading accounts

Now let us have a look at the trading accounts which have been made available by Pibexa for conducting trades. Trading accounts are essential for participating in the forex trading and with Pibexa you can choose from four different accounts whichever you find fulfills your needs. Pibexa also ensures that by signing up with them you won’t be charged with any extra fee for setting up an account, there are no hidden charges as well as no spreads. Currently there are the following trading accounts: -

1. Silver Account

The most basic account type is Silver Account which can be signed by any intended trader with an initial deposit of Euros $ 250 upto Euros 999. Silver account contains minimalistic benefits therefore it is highly recommended for those who are beginner level traders because this account provides them not too much difficult opportunities which can be turned into profit making without even risking a lot. It is designed in a way that it suffices the needs of a beginner trader and once the trader thinks he is ready to go further then he can upgrade his account at any time.

Currently Silver account has two main features such as Ebook and Academy Access. Both are necessary ingredients which can help a beginner trader how online forex trading works and can learn helpful tricks by gaining knowledge from several ebooks that are available at Pibexa. Similarly, academy access is an important feature from where a customer of Pibexa can successfully access the academy from where he can relevant education in order to pursue his career as a successful trader.

2. Gold Account

The second account type is “Gold Account”. This account type is majorly recommended for those traders who have surpassed the phase of beginner trader and are now fully acquainted with the functionality of online forex trading. It can be signed up with Pibexa with an initial amount of Euros 1000 up to Euors 4999 maximum. While it has access to Ebooks and Academy, it also has the facility of Dedicated Account Manager. This smart feature of having a Dedicated Account Manager is very important because this Account Manager is though a pro level trader but also a person with vast experience in the field of online forex trading who can be really helpful in letting a customer understand and determine what is the best opportunity for him and what he should avoid at all costs.

With this account a trader can access all the forex trading markets all around the world and simultaneously explore vibrant opportunities in terms of forex trading. Over the years Pibexa has been making sure that their customers can enjoy the leverage of making profits in forex trading and this is why Gold account is considered as a standard account which consist of if not all but nothing less so as to let a person enjoy the trading as well as make profits.

3. Platinum Account

The third trading account Pibexa is Platinum Account. When we are at Platinum account this means we are talking about trading experience which cannot be considered with nothing at all. This account is specifically designed to cater the needs of particularly those who are pro level traders, who have gained experience in the field over the years and those who gamble with fate and do not hesitate to take risks. This account can be signed up with an initial deposit of Euros 5,000 upto Euros 34,999.

Apart from having the benefits of ebooks and academy access as well as the dedicated account manager, Platinum Account also has some of very unique and distinct features such as Trading Signals, Senior Account Manager, Expert Analyst Trading Sessions, Bonus upto 100%, no withdrawal fee and interest bearing account option for consolidation of profit.

These unique features contained in Platinum account make it a very special one because firstly there is nothing compared if you are getting trading signals from the expert itself. These signals can be very helpful for a trader to determine as to what is the most suitable trading opportunity for him from which he can earn profits. Secondly, having the senior account manager at your side, is a welcome gesture and who would not want to have. A senior account manager has loads and loads of experience in his belt and knows how the forex trading works and how to turn the odds in your favour.

Thirdly, Expert Analyst Trading Sessions are key to success in forex trading business because it is said that “Wisdom and knowledge are not the products of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire them” and rightly so because if you close your doors to learning and education, then you will begin to lose the sight of things that you could have gained. It is therefore of utmost importance and over the years Pibexa has been able to educate its customers through ebooks, academy as well as expert analyst sessions so as to empowering them with decision making power, which is much needed in forex trading.

Fourthly, at the time of initial deposit Pibexa ensures that you are entitled to 100% bonus which is another remarkable benefit and, at the same time, withdrawal of your funds has been made easy so that whenever you want to withdraw your money for investment purposes for your own, you can instantly withdraw them without even paying a single penny.

Fifthly, and lastly, while signing up for Platinum account you can enjoy the facility of having interest bearing account. As long as your money is lying in your account, whether you are investing it or you are keeping it unused for some time, you are eligible for interest on the funds available in your Platinum Account.

4. Diamond Account

The four account type is “Diamond Account”. This account is particularly created for those who tend to take risks in order to catch a big fish. It can be signed up with an initial deposit capped at Euros 35,000 and is highly recommended for those who are elite traders. Those who possess required knowledge and experience in the forex trading business and are fearless because making every trade a win trade requires high amount of investment and daring decisions.

The most prominent and promising benefits of Diamond Account are Full Education Package, Premium Contract Options and International MasterCard issued for easy debit or withdrawal.

Pibexa has made available Diamond Account for the purposes of serving those who do not dwell on past failures but more akin towards enlightening their futures. They want to be on the highest seat and enjoy all the luxuries of life. They want to take their trading skills to the newest heights.

The Full Education Package is made available so that the traders can educate themselves which can be co-related with PHD level in forex trading. Then there is premium contract options which is full of high amounts of profits and involves huge investments but again the returns are very high. The facility of having international mastercard is another unique facility through which a customer can debit or withdraw money at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Distinct platform for trading Forex

Although there are no less numbers of online forex trading service providers but over the past years Pibexa stands tall and triumphant among its competitors and what differentiates it from others is its ability to

Ø Provide a distinct and state of the art platform for trading in forex.

Ø Provide a highly qualified team of intellectuals who remain at all times available to act in the best interest of the customer

Ø Provide a glitch, theft, fraud and/or scam free trading experience

Ø Innovate strategies for the customers to employ them on forex trading

Ø Provide a non-delayed transaction execution mechanism which is completely transparent

Ø Provide user-friendly and simple interface which can take care of all the needs of the customers

Ø Provide single click trading process which is at the same time precise and efficient

Ø Provide high end security which is updated on regular basis so as to make the system more secured than ever.

Unique Trading Tool/Platform

Pibexa believes in developing stronger ties with its customers and therefore it wants to keep everything between the two — Pibexa and customer. The trading platform which is used to conduct forex trading at Pibexa is not complexed nor it requires to be downloaded or that which has been run, operated or managed by third parties. In fact Pibexa has tried to keep it very simple and any trader, who wishes to take part in a forex trading opportunity, can directly execute his transaction through the website of Pibexa. Although for other similar online brokers the process is different because they either totally rely on third parties or third party developed softwares or programs such as MetaTrader etc.

MetaTrader and alike are third party softwares and for example if during the process of a transaction, the software malfunctions, then the company whose customer was faced with the problem, don’t take the responsibility as a result the customers is made to bear the consequences. However, keeping this in mind, Pibexa has made sure that if anything goes wrong they don’t want to put blame on third parties but rather take it on its own because whenever a malfunction takes place (although the chances of such are almost to none) then Pibexa takes full responsibility.

Its own mobile app

Another way of taking part in forex trading and execution of trading transactions from the platform of Pibexa, is through Mobile phones because we are living in the times which require a broker to cope with the trending in trading industry and in order to facilitate its customers in accordance with the technologies and advancements taking place in the world, it has become important that a broker like Pibexa ensures that the customers are able to enjoy the freedom of trading through technology based devices which provide ease of doing business and comfort on the other hand.

Armed with this sole objective and ambition, Pibexa has developed its own mobileapp which is designed by high-end programmers who are best known in their fields. This app can be easily downloaded from the Pibexa website, the use of which can ensure never missing out a trading opportunity and will allow a customer to instantly access the forex markets from anywhere and any part of the world.

Difference between Pibexa and others

Briefly, Pibexa can be easily summarized in the following words: -

ü A Global leader amongst other online forex brokers

ü Most reliable and trustworthy

ü Provider of easy access to global forex markets

ü Safe-keeper of funds, data as well as information

ü Specialist in Forex Trading

ü Provider of services at very low costs

ü Regulated as well as compliant with laws and regulations

ü A learning and education academy

ü Provider of high end account managers and analysts

ü Provider of help assistance and customer support for 24/7

Corporate Responsibility

Last but not the least, Pibexa believes that being a service provider it is liable to make itself accountable before its customers and therefore it has been ensuring that it shouldn’t be known just as a service provider but as an entity which takes into account its corporate responsibility. Since Pibexa is a regulated company, it is required to follow certain rules and regulations under the law which it has been following in letter and spirit. In order to give its customers more transparent view of its own and in order to make them sure that they are working with a credible and trustworthy company, Pibexa has provided certain policies such as Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Leverage/Bonus Policy, KYC Policy, AML Policy, withdrawal of funds policy and refund policy.

Pibexa recommends and strongly stresses upon its customers or intended customers to read these policies before then open an account with Pibexa. In this way they can learn about Pibexa beforehand and know about certain policies so that any misconceptions can be eliminated prior to becoming a member. This is also very important because it strengthens the ties and cordial relationship between the employer and the service provider.

At the end of website page of Pibexa one can also find the disclaimer section which very transparently and openly tells the intended traders that the business of trading is risky and therefore advises that a trader should never invest all of his money in a single trade otherwise there are chances that he will lose of his money at once. This shows Pibexa’s commitment and concern towards the well-being of its customers and this is why from the day of its inception, Pibexa has managed to retain most of its clients who are part of Pibexa’s family for so long.


From monitoring multiple trading opportunities to sending signals to the customers, analyzing the trending in forex and making available the senior account managers and analysists, to analyze pricing and executing trades, Pibexa has been successfully known to be a provider of unmatched and remarkable all-around experience for forex traders. Once you have signed up with Pibexa with any of the account, you can leave the rest to Pibexa and count on them. Thus, Pibexa is beneficial for you to and for your trading career. Why wait then? Start your trading journey with Pibexa — a global forex trading leader.

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