Solid Marketz Review — What Starting Your Trading Career with Solid Marketz Will Feel Like

Solid Markets online trading platform
Solid Markets online trading platform

Do you want to create an extra source of income in your life so you can take a break from living month to month paychecks? If that’s the case, I have to tell you that your first step is to find the right company for your trading needs. It is not going to be an easy process to find the best one. However, I am here to help you with your search for the best broker out there. I will tell you a bit about Solid Marketz and how your experience of starting your trading career with this company will be like. I have always enjoyed trading with Solid Marketz, but let me tell you a few features that will help you make your decision too.

Your Trading Career with Solid Marketz

Picking the Right Account

Picking the right trading account is the first step that you have to take. You have to make sure that you define your needs first and only then proceed to opening an account with the broker. There are three accounts from which you can choose one that perfectly meets your budgeting and trading needs. The first account from Solid Marketz is called the Beginner account. You will have to deposit only 250 EUR in this account to activate it. This account will then give you access to all the assets that the company has to offer. In addition to that, you have the Intermediate account. I think this account is perfect for those who have done some trading online before.

The amount required to open this account is only 5000 EUR. You will have a dedicated account manager with this account to help you with all your accounts needs. The company will also offer you personal training sessions, in which you can learn privately from the best experts. Things get even better if you go with the next account on the list. This account is for expert traders and requires you to deposit 20,000 EUR to activate it. It offers you the best of both worlds.

Depositing Funds in Your Account

Once you have picked the right type of account, you will have to deposit funds in that account. Of course, you should know at this point that the amount you deposit in the account depends on the account you pick. The beginner account requires no more than 250 EUR from you to start trading. The most expensive account is the expert account that you can start with only 20,000 EUR. That’s one of the most affordable advanced accounts that I have seen from any online company that provides trading. You can pick one from a variety of methods to deposit funds in the account.

If you want things to be fast, I think it is best that you go with credit card deposit. The broker also offers you the opportunity to use your debit card for deposits. Use bank wire transfer if you are not concerned about the speed as much as you are about the safety of your funds. You can also go with some internet payment methods, as they are fast, reliable, and safe.

Learning How to Trade

There is an entire academy that the firm has compiled only to help you with your trading career. When you start trading, you think that only the basic understanding of assets and market dynamics is enough for you to trade successfully. However, as you continue to spend time in the market, you realize that there is much more for you to learn than you might realize.
Solid Marketz offers you a variety of videos that are supposed to help you with the learning process. You will learn the basics as well as some advanced trading strategies from the broker when you take advantage of these videos.

Your access to the online education academy also depends on the type of account you pick. For me, the most important thing is the webinars in these accounts. Yes, you can now attend webinars of the best experts to learn from them and ask questions if you have any confusion about trading.

Familiarizing with the Trading Platform

There is not much that you will have to learn here. You have to realize that Solid Marketz has made things easy for you. It does not ask you to join any particular platforms only so it can make you trade its way. Instead, it has provided you with the best trading platforms known to the industry. You can trade on MetaTrader 4 if you want to go with the best option. You can download the trading platform on your iPhones and Android phones if you like to trade while you are on the go. Moreover, you can also use the web-based trading platform if you don’t want to be stuck with compatibility issues while you change your device for trading.

Trading Your Favorite Assets

This is the fun part. This is where you put your money on the line for the first time. You can pick from a variety of assets. While others brokers are stuck with only the traditional assets, you have Solid Marketz providing you with a long list. You can trade these financial assets in a variety of markets. For example, you can trade corn, cocoa, oranges, silver, gold, platinum, oil, gas, etc. if you go with commodity trading. You can trade the stocks of Coca Cola, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and other major companies when you go with stock trading. You also have some great indices from all around the world available at your disposal.

Of course, you can always trade forex currency pairs, the major, minor, and exotic ones when you are with a broker like Solid Marketz.

Final Thoughts

Solid Marketz is a solid online company that provides you with trading in a way that you can admire. I don’t have any complaints about its trading platform choice or the assets that I can trade with it. In fact, I am glad that new traders can start with this firm with only a small deposit of 250 EUR. I think this opens up new doors for traders from all the countries of the world to find their way into online trading. So, are you ready with your decision to trade?

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