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With a quick internet check, you may find thousands of ways to help you achieve your desired financial goals — one of those ways is by digital assets trading in the financial market.

The market has an open opportunity for every prospective trader and investor. The market has a high level of flexibility and a straightforward means of entry. Traders with minimal or no trading experience can participate if they have the right trading platform.

You must find a broker that understands the intricacies of the financial market. The broker should have a trading platform that connects to your peculiar needs as a trader irrespective of the.level of trading experience you may have.

The financial market is flooded with a vast number of traders who claim to offer outstanding services to traders. A close look at these brokers may reveal that their claims are not just baseless, but some are meant to deceive unsuspecting traders who may just be looking for ways to make ends meet.

Selecting brokers based on popularity or how expensive they may be, is not a guarantee that the trading platform will be top-notch. However, reviews like these may assist you in selecting reliable and dependable trading.

We shall be focusing on the RoyalStox trading platform. How efficient is this broker? Can you trust the broker with your investment? Is RoyalStox safe? What features and tools does the broker offer to enable traders to make money from investing through the trading platform?

These are questions that many traders in the financial market would love to find out.

An Overview of RoyalStox

The broker is said to have provided a simplified platform that accommodates both new and experienced traders. The trading platform was created by a team of highly skilled technocrats and industry experts who understand the complexities of trading different assets in the financial market.

According to the creators of this trading platform, their vision is to offer a trading platform that is devoid of glitches, insecurity, and another form of issues. The broker believes that building a reliable brand will help gain the trust of traders in the financial market.

RoyalStox offers traders a platform to trade CFDs, which are also referred to as a contract for difference. CFDs trading is a popular trend in the financial market because of the arrays of opportunities it provides for traders to enable them to generate income.

With CFDs, traders may not have to buy or sell physical assets; instead, they trade on contracts. Traders have to carry out predictions regarding the price movement of specific assets to be able to make money while trading CFDs.

The broker also claims to have created a platform that works perfectly under a friendly trading environment.

It has also included several other trading instruments to give traders a variety of choices and an avenue to diversify their trading strategies.

The trading interface is designed to be easily navigated by both new and experienced traders.

A diversity of trading instruments

The most critical question that a protective trader should ask is what type of asset you want to trade? You have to decide this before you begin your trading process by choosing a dusted broker.

If you go ahead to choose a broker and invest on the platform before finding out the type of asset offered by the broker, you may have wasted your time and resources if your preferred instrument is unavailable.

The different instruments traded on the platform include commodities, forex as well as indices. Each of these assets may be traded individually or collectively at the same time. RoyalStox claims to offer traders more than one thousand types of assets to enhance their trading opportunities.

There are also several types of currency pairs available on the exchange. Exotic, minor, and major currency pairs are traded on the platform. With this variety of currencies, you may never run out of trading options.

Other currency pairs that may be traded on the platform include Hong Kong Dollar, Turkish Lira, Singapore Dollar, Russian Rubbie, and the South African Rand.

Major pairs of currency traded accessible for RoyalStox include EUR/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF.

It is advisable to trade on manor currencies, especially if you are an inexperienced trader. Trading major currencies may be easier because they provide lots of information about price movement and Value of the currencies.

If you do not want to limit your trade to forex, you may also have access to trade a variety of commodities such as gas, silver, oil, gold, corn, coffee, etc.

RoyalStox has also provided an avenue for traders to trade on indices because these assets are also profitable. The broker has made available several top indices that you can have access to trade and earn money.

Sone of these indices include SPL, NASDAQ, DAX, and FTSE. With RoyalStox, you may also have unrestricted access to trade on stocks of multinational companies from all over the world. You may trade the stocks of companies such as Facebook, Apple, Total, Paypal, AT&T, SNAP, Coca-Cola, Adidas, and BOA.

Apart from these lucrative tradable instruments, you may be able to trade on cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency trading has witnessed a surge in the number of traders and investors keying into the opportunities that abound in the industry.

With RoyalStox, you may be able to join the community of crypto traders from across the world to trade on popular cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

An innovative and Versatile trading platform

On of the most important parts of this RoyalStox review is the trading platforms. It is without a doubt that the features contained in a trading platform plays a significant role in determining the possibility of achieving success in asset trading.

Each feature in a trading platform is designed to ease the trading process and ensure that traders employ the right strategy in place of their trade.

The trading platform gives users a real-time presence in the financial market so that trading of commodities, forex, stocks, and indices can be made possible. RoyalStox traders have access to essential trading tools to optimize the process of trading.

These tools also help traders in the process of making critical trading decisions. The broker may offer traders instant alerts about the prices of valuable assets that are traded in the financial market.

You may also have access to news feeds and other expert analysis on the current and future projection of specific assets. RoyalStox claims to have designed an innovative and versatile trading platform for digital asset traders in the blockchain industry.

The exchange company boasts of a unique and innovative demo trading feature. With demo trading, traders may be able to carry out trading in an environment that is simulated to provide all the features of live trading.

The demo trading feature is suitable for those traders who may just be starting their trade. It affords you the opportunity to trade without having to risk your investment.

The demo trading gives you access to trade using virtual currencies instead of your actual investment. Another benefit of the demo trading feature is that it allows you to understand how the platform works in real-time.

You can learn how to navigate around the platform and make use of the tools and other features in the platform.

When you are done or satisfied with your level of expertise, you may then switch to the live trading session. With the live trading session, you are trading with actual currencies and may risk losing your investment in the event of an unfavorable trading outcome.

However, several features have been put in place by the broker to mitigate the risk of losing all your investment should the winning table be reversed. RoyalStox has implemented a stop-loss feature which is set at a specific margin to end all transactions if the loss incurred gets to the set amount.

One other feature that is used to protect your investment is SMART CONTACT. The smart contract helps to safeguard your investment by separating your deposited funds from the broker’s account.

The broker is restricted from using your funds for any other purpose other than trading. It also restricts the trader from utilizing the funds in the event the trader becomes bankrupt.

You also have access to several platforms that enable you to carry out effective trading sessions irrespective of the device you may be using. Desktop users may use the desktop version to access the RoyalStox website and make use of the different features displayed in the site’s interface.

Mobile phone users may be able to access RoyalStox by downloading the mobile application from their respective devices. Traders making use of Android phones or smartphones enabled by iOS can download the RoyalStox application from their respective app stores and have access to all the outstanding features on the platform.

Multiple Account choices

Before you can start trading on any financial exchange platform, you are required to open an account to enable you to make deposits into your account. RoyalStox offers traders the choice to select from any of the five account types available to them.

These five accounts come with distinctive features that are personalized according to the preference of traders. You may select any one of the five accounts depending on your level of proficiency or experience of trading in the financial market.

Your account choice may as well be influenced by the amount of money you are willing or capable of investing in the platform. The five account types of RoyalStox include the following:

Micro Account

The RoyalStox micro account is the basic and least account type available to traders on the platform. It is suitable for new traders who may have little or no experience in trading.

The least amount that you can deposit on the platform is EUR 500. It gives you access to a 10% leverage on your trade. You are free to invest more than that amount but you may not be allowed to invest above EUR 2500 on this micro account. To do so, you may have to upgrade to a higher account which allows you to increase your deposit much more than what is attainable in the micro account type.

You may be given a 30% loyalty bonus when you sign up on the platform using the basic or micro account. You may also have access to trading alerts and advance charts. Traders operating this account may have limited access to the training or educational center.

Standard Account

The RoyalStox standard account is the second tier of accounts available for traders. Unlike the micro account, it is designed for those traders with a reasonable level of trading experience.

The least amount you can deposit in the standard account is EUR 2500 while you can deposit as much as EUR 10,000 in your standard account. Opening a standard account gives you access to a 20% leverage which is higher than the micro account.

You may also have access to customer care service that is available for twenty-four hours in five business days. Another added benefit of this account is that you may be able to attend live and informative trading sessions twice a week.

Platinum Account

The platinum account is the third account type that you may choose to open as a trader on the RoyalStox trading platform. It is referred to as the Gold account which allows a minimum of EUR 10,000 deposit on the platform. The highest amount you can place as a deposit on the platform is EUR 50,000.

The platinum account is suitable for high risk-takers and traders with considerable high knowledge of the financial market. You may get leverage as high as 30% with this account type. You may enjoy unrestricted access to the training and education platform provided by

You may also enjoy other outstanding benefits such as being able to attend webinars and other training courses facilitated by industry experts and professionals in the financial market.

Platinum account holders may be entitled to receive financial news updates and trading alerts which may give them an edge in the course of their trade. You may also be able to attend more trading sessions than holders of the standard account.

Premium Account

The premium.account is designed and suitable for traders who are highly skilled in making critical trading decisions. To open a premium account, you may have to deposit at least EUR 50,000. You may also choose to deposit as much as EUR 250,000.

The investment capital is high because this account is for traders who are high risk-takers and understand how the market operates. However, the additional features, tools, and benefits of opening a Premium account for the other there RoyalStox account.

You may have as high as a 40% leverage on this account. The trading sessions reserved for premium account owners are unlimited. Daily reviews about happenings in the financial market, funds management features are available to traders operating this account.

You are also entitled to access all the features that are available on the other accounts listed above.


The VIP account is the highest account that RoyalStox traders can open. It is also referred to as the Diamond account. The least amount that a VIP account holder can deposit is EUR 250,000 while there is no limitation on the maximum amount that you can deposit on the platform.

The VIP account as the name implies is for personalities who are veterans in carrying out trading. They are individuals who are not afraid to risk it all when it comes to trading. VIP account holders have access to all the features that are available with other accounts and more. With the VIP account, you may have personal sessions with senior managers and get up to 50% leverage.

Strong Security Framework

RoyalStox have set up a trading platform that claims to offer traders and investors a tight and safe security feature to protect their investment.

To achieve this, the broker uses advanced technology to encrypt data inputted into the platform. SSL security is also employed to protect traders’ details from being accessed by scammers or fraudsters. The company also ensures that traders’ documents are verified before approving their accounts.

Conclusion is a trading platform that offers traders several outstanding features that have been verified by many who have used the platform to carry out trading in the financial market.

The process of registration and withdrawal are not complex thus allowing easy transactions. You may trust this trading platform but do endeavor to understand the risk and benefits that comes with trading via this broker before you invest your money and time.

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