OBTFX Review — Is OBTFX Scam or Legit?

Are you ready to jump on the trading bandwagon? You are definitely not the only one as this has become one of the most popular trends these days. With online trading, everyone has the opportunity of starting with a small capital and making substantial returns that too in a short span of time. Who doesn’t want to do that? But, those who have absolutely no knowledge about it don’t know how to proceed. What has to be done? If you are ready to trade numerous financial instruments, you have to find a broker that lets you do exactly that.

Are there any online brokers? Indeed, you will literally find hundreds of these brokers that are offering their services in the market and each of them will claim to be better than the rest. If you check out more than a couple of brokers, you will end up completely overwhelmed and they will all start blurring together. How do you choose? In order to make a decision, you have to prioritize certain features because a wrong broker can lead to disastrous consequences. Scam brokers do exist and you don’t want to be trapped by one.


In which category does OBTFX fall in? This is one of the brokers you will find when you search for reputable and comprehensive brokers. Yes, it is relatively new and this can make people doubtful about its legitimacy. But, it has gained a huge following quite quickly and it is only because of its outstanding services. Operating out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, OBTFX was introduced to cater to global traders, no matter what background they may have and it has achieved that goal quite well. How? Let’s take a look at some of its features to determine that:

- An impressive number of trading instruments

If you have studied the trading market and strategies, then you must know that diversification is the best way to minimize your risks. With OBTFX, every trader gets the opportunity to diversify because the broker has provided them with an impressive number of trading instruments to invest in. You can invest in stocks of major companies all over the globe, trade some of the most popular and volatile foreign currency pairs, get solid returns by investing in commodities like energies and precious metals or even trade stock indices if you want. With so many options at your disposal, you can expand your portfolio as per your risk tolerance and preference.

- Range of trading platforms for smooth trading

Having a trading platform that’s easy-to-use and yet equally powerful is a rare thing. Yet, you can find it at OBTFX because they have added a range of options and give traders the flexibility of choosing a platform that seems convenient to them. You can opt for the WebTrader, a platform that’s accessed through the browser and is extremely fast and stable. It offers social trading and charting tools for efficient trading.

The MT4, the best trading platform in the market, is also available at OBTFX. With encryption features, it is a safe platform that offers some of the most advanced trading alerts, signals and charting features. Along with these two platforms, you will also find the MobileTrader app for your iOS and Android devices. This allows trading on the go and gives you full access and control to your account from anywhere. The cutting-edge app also boasts numerous tools and features that can ensure a flawless trading experience.

- Tools and Resources for Assistance

As per their aim to provide their customers a great trading experience, OBTFX has gone to great lengths to add a ton of trading tools and educational resources to their platform. These are not just aimed at traders who are new to the market, but even skilled and professional traders can benefit from them. There is an Academy on their website that comprises of educational materials in the form of videos, e-books and blogs and articles on different aspects of trading. There are webinars conducted by experts in the trading market and can be incredibly insightful for traders of all levels.

Next come the trading tools that OBTFX has added to its trading platforms. These include providing access to the latest market news, an economic calendar for tracking important events, live market prices, social trading feature, trading alerts and signals and plenty more. All of these trading tools can prove to be invaluable for traders because they help them in making smart and savvy decisions for maximizing profits.

- Diverse Account Options

Since OBTFX is aiming for a global clientele, no matter what their skill or experience, it has developed five account options for its traders. These are the Green account, Premium account, Platinum account, Executive account and Presidential account. The minimum deposit needed to open an account with the broker is €5,000 and this applies to the Green account. Minimum deposit requirements increase gradually in every account and spreads are lowered with the Presidential account offering the lowest spreads. Apart from these account options, OBTFX also offers a demo account for practice and testing purposes and swap-free accounts that can be used by Muslim traders.

- Multiple Channels of Communication

Every now and then, traders might have a question or a concern while they are using a broker’s platform for making their trades. How will they find the answers? OBTFX has given an option in the form of an FAQ section to help its clients in knowing everything they need to know. In case their question is not available in this section, the broker can be reached through email or via the phone number given on the website. There is also an online form that can also be filled out with your respective query and the broker’s representatives will get back with a comprehensive and prompt response.

Bottom Line

Choosing to trade with OBTFX where you get such effective and well-rounded options, you can make great decisions and reap their benefits in the form of high returns.

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