MDX500 Review — Is MDX500 a Good Broker for Experienced and New Traders?

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MDX500 Is a CFD Broker

MDX500 provides you with unconventional type of trading method. When you sign up with this broker, you trade CFDs, which stands for contracts for difference. You don’t own the asset that you are trading. Despite that, you can be in many financial markets at the same time, and enjoy some great leveraged trading. You have the broker help you with your trades through a contribution, which you call leverage. In addition to that, you can enjoy some tight spreads on these assets, even if you sign up with a basic account. The broker has been around since 2008 and providing the finest online trading services to customers from around the world.

MDX500 Teaches You Trading Well

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to learn trading. Many people who are trying to start trading don’t have huge budgets. They can’t pay third parties thousands of dollars to learn trading. Not to mention, they don’t receive any degrees for this education. At the end of the day, it is the broker that can help the traders the most, and you can count on MDX500 for that. This broker provides you with all the basic information that you need about trading before you start this activity. You can learn about various trading strategies, analytical methods, and much more on this website.

What you are going to love when you learn all of this from this broker is that you don’t have to pay anything. With most online brokers, you have to open a paid account before you can even learn the first term used in the online trading world.

The Trading Platform Is Just for You

You will not be using a web-based trading platform with this broker. While a web-based trading platform is great, it can be a bit slow. Slowness is something you cannot afford in online trading. You will love the fact that this broker has provided you with a trading platform that has been designed specifically for the device you are on. When you use a platform that has been designed specifically for your device, its speed and smoothness are unmatched. That’s what you are going to experience with the Active8 trading platform from the broker.

This trading platform is lightning fast, providing you with fast executions on your trades and bringing you real-time market information without any delays. It will run on your desktop, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Forex, Crypto, and Indices in One Place

The broker has brought to you a platform that allows you to trade all the assets you like in one place. It even gives you access to the new and emerging markets like the cryptocurrency market. If you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, you won’t have to go elsewhere. This broker provides you with the facility to trade all of these digital assets. In addition to that, if you are looking to trade forex currency pairs, you will find plenty of options with this broker. Whether you prefer the stability of the major currency pairs or like the potential of making a lot of money with the volatility of exotic currency pairs, you will not be disappointed with this broker.

It gives you access to even the minor currency pairs from the same trading platform. Trade indices if you like or go for commodities if you like to trade precious metals, produce, energies, etc. So, once again, you can notice that this broker is for new and experienced traders. If you are an experienced trader, you will love the diversity of portfolio that this broker offers you.

Funds and Information Safety

If there is something that new and experienced traders need equally that’s safety. When you sign up with online brokers, you have to seek the safety of not just your money but information as well. Online brokers have to collect some really sensitive information from you before they let you sign up on their trading platforms. For example, if you provide them with your identification information, they will ask you for the picture of your identification card too. In addition to that, you will have to provide them with a picture of your credit card as well, both front and back. The broker has to ask for this information in compliance with the prevalent AML and KYC policies.

Furthermore, the broker has to provide you with the safety of your funds as well. There is no specific limit on how much money you can have in your online trading account with the broker, which means, you can have a lot of money in the account if you have entered quite a few successful trades. This broker will make sure that your money is maintained in segregated accounts for your safety. Just so you know, you don’t have to pay any unnecessary commissions and hidden fees when you withdraw money from your online trading account with MDX500.

Final Thoughts

MDX500 is one of the experienced online brokers when you look at the fact that it has been around for nearly 12 years. You can easily see that it came into being when the cryptocurrency market was not even there. Today, it offers you the opportunity to trade in that market. Its leverages are great and the spreads are tight. It has made entry into the trading world for new traders easy with a small initial deposit requirement of just $250. It provides great opportunities to experienced traders to diversify their portfolios by allowing them to trade in many financial markets. At the end, you can safely say that MDX500 is a great broker for both, new and experienced traders.

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