GTlot Review — Is it Legitimate or Is it a Scam?

With technological advancement and the advent of the internet, countless of industries have undergone change. Things are no longer the way they used to be and this also includes the financial market, which has also evolved considerably in the past few years and people can now enjoy its digital mode. With everything going digital, it is not a surprise to discover that online trading has become a global phenomenon and there has been a surge in platforms to accommodate the growing demand in the market. Moreover, the growing popularity of trading instruments, such as cryptocurrencies, has also contributed to the growth of the trading market.

More and more people are expressing their interest in investing in the trading market for taking advantage of instruments like cryptocurrencies. No matter where you are located or what financial instrument you wish to trade, you can easily find a great number of brokerages at your fingertips. Yes, you do need a broker to start trading because they will help you in connecting to the markets and give you everything you need for trading efficiently. Finding a broker is not that difficult because you just need to run a simple search on the web to get a list of options.

However, the real challenge is not finding a list of brokers to choose from, but figuring out how to distinguish between brokers that are just making tall claims about the services they can provide and don’t actually fulfill them and brokers that are truly good at their job and can help you have a solid trading experience. Indeed, there are some brokerages out there that are only interested in taking advantage of traders for their own benefit. But, at the same time, you will also find brokerages that are willing to provide exceptional services to their clients to help them get the return on investment (ROI) they are after.

Your job is to understand what factors you should be looking at before making a decision. Lots of people just choose the first brokerage they find and later discover everything that might be lacking. Similarly, some people fall for the claims a brokerage may make, but you should do your due diligence. This means you should check into whether the broker is truly offering everything they have promised or they are just trying to lure you in. It is a common tactic used by scammers to attract traders and you should be on the lookout for it.

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Amongst the top brokerages that you can find in the market, the name of GTlot will stand out. Over the years, this broker has successfully attracted numerous traders and investors to its platform through its unique and comprehensive offerings. Whether you are new to the world of trading or are someone who has experience in the market, it is important to know that GTlot remains the preferred choice of thousands of traders all over the world, despite other options in the market. The broker caters to both newcomers in the market and experienced traders as well, and ensures that they can trade cryptocurrencies and other instruments easily.

GTlot has focused its services on ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and it has accomplished this goal by providing the variety traders need along with the essential features. This is done in an effort to ensure that everyone can achieve their financial goals. There are some prominent factors that have helped this brokerage in standing tall in the midst of its peers and some of them are highlighted below to help you make a decision.

Background of GTlot

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, GTlot’s goal is to serve its numerous clients with the best trading services while maintaining the highest standards in the financial trading market. Even though it hasn’t been around for as long as some of the other brokerages in the market, the broker has managed to make significant progress and has accumulated some outstanding achievements under its name. It has become one of the top choices of traders who are interested in cryptocurrency trading and has created an award-winning trading platform to facilitate its clients, no matter what part of the world they are in.

Unique Features at GTlot

GTlot has a unique and award-winning trading platform

The team of experts behind GTlot understands the needs of online traders when it comes to a trading platform. Online trading is not the same as trading in physical markets due to which a trader’s needs have evolved over the years. Considering that, GTlot has chosen not to introduce a rigid trading platform for its clients that leaves no room for flexibility. In addition, the broker has made an effort to ensure that the platform they do offer is not riddled with the same problems as the ones found in other trading platforms.

Traders usually complain about speed and slow performance of trading platforms, security loopholes as well as the lack of features and tools. Moreover, some trading platforms are also notorious for their complexity and this can become a major hurdle for traders because it can be difficult to master it. GTlot has gone to great lengths to ensure these complaints cannot be made about their trading platform. First and foremost, the broker has fully eliminated the hassle of downloading and installing the trading platform; all traders have to do is visit their website and they can access their web trading platform.

This means that the trading platform is accessible via the browser and it ensures cross-device functionality because it can work on any device that supports browsers, whether it is a desktop PC, laptop or mobile device. Nonetheless, just because it is simple to use doesn’t mean that GTlot’s trading platform lacks in any aspect. It boasts of some of the most advanced technology in the market and paves the way for quick and efficient, albeit simple trading for everyone. You don’t need to worry about a learning curve because there isn’t one.

The trading platform created by GTlot is easy to navigate and allows trading of multiple assets through a single dashboard. It supports one-click trading, which means trades are executed immediately, enabling traders to cash in on even the smallest movements in the market. Plus, the platform also comes with various charting tools that can be useful in analyzing and predicting market trends and movements. Traders can actually trade right from the chart, a functionality that most trading platforms don’t offer. The platform also gives access to the latest market news, which makes it easy to make quick decisions.

To further facilitate its clients, mobile apps for the trading platform are also offered by GTlot. Even though the web trading platform can work on mobile devices, the apps can provide a much better experience as they are more convenient. The apps are available for Android and iOS both and they also come with various tools and functionalities that add value to the trading platform as a whole. This allows traders to make trades no matter where they are at any point or what time it might be. Also, no compromises have been made in regard to the security of the trading platforms either.

GTlot doesn’t have a long signup procedure

No one likes delays in anything, whether it is trading or any other activity. After you have made up your mind to start trading and have gone through the process of choosing a broker, you want to start right away. But, the problem is that some brokers have a very lengthy and time consuming signup procedure that has different stages. Not only do they require a lot of details, but also have approval procedures and other formalities that have to be dealt with. Most traders get annoyed and stop halfway during the process because they don’t want to go through such a long hassle.

Knowing the frustration that traders experience, GTlot has kept their signup relatively simple and quick. The broker does not waste the time of its clients by asking them to share unnecessary information. Only some basic and essential information has to be shared and you don’t have to wait for your account to be approved. To fill out the form, you need to visit their website and choose the option of opening an account. The form is a short one and asks you to enter your name, email address, password, phone number and the country you are based in.

Bear in mind that GTlot requires its traders to be at least 18 to apply for an account. You will also be asked to choose your account currency, which can either be USDT or BTC. The last step is to agree to the broker’s terms and conditions and your account will be opened. If you want to read the terms and conditions, they are outlined on the website and the broker is very upfront and transparent about everything. They do not mislead their clients in any way and have mentioned everything clearly to prevent any confusion. Hence, you will know exactly what you are getting into when you sing up with GTlot.

GTlot ensures security of information and safety of funds

One of the salient concerns of majority of the online traders is the security of the data and the funds that are collected by brokerages for the purpose of trading. As mentioned above, to sign up with the broker, you have to provide some basic personal information, which can be used for compromising your identity. Likewise, in order to start trading, you will have to deposit money with the broker and these funds are also at risk if the brokerage doesn’t have proper security in place. Thus, you need to consider what measures are being implemented by a broker to ensure security of information and safety of funds.

In this regard, GTlot assures its customers that it is not taking any of these things lightly. To start with, you can check out the broker’s privacy policy that outlines the measures the broker has taken to protect the information entrusted to them by their clients. You will come to know that GTlot has opted to implement the highest standards of encryption for keeping all information secure and away from prying eyes. Every single piece of data shared by the clients is immediately encrypted and no unauthorized individual can gain access to this information.

As a matter of fact, GTlot also encourages its clients to make use of strong passwords, to change them frequently and not share them with anyone to maintain their account’s security. For overall security of its clients, the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy is also followed by the broker. As per the rules of this policy, anyone who signs up with GTlot has to provide some documentation to confirm their identity. This is for their own security because it ensures that no fake or shady profiles can be made on the platform for any nefarious purpose.

Proof of identity is the first requirement and this can be given by providing any form of government-issued ID; this can be an ID card, driver’s license or the trader’s passport. They also need to give proof of their address and to do so, a document showing the name and address of the trader is needed. It can be bank statement, credit card bill, utility bill or any other affidavit that shouldn’t be more than three months old. Another policy called AML (Anti-Money Laundering) has also been implemented by GTlot. This one is designed to reduce the possibility of financial crimes like money laundering.

It requires traders to use the same method for making their deposits to GTlot and withdrawals from the broker. Furthermore, they can only use accounts that are in their own name i.e. the name they have registered with the broker and no third party accounts are accepted. Apart from that, the broker has kept segregated accounts for its clients to give them reassurance that their funds are safe at all costs. The broker doesn’t use customer deposits for their own activities and they are returned to the trader in case of bankruptcy.

GTlot gives unparalleled access to cryptocurrencies and other instruments

As a trader, it is natural for you to want to ensure that brokerage you are considering can provide you access to the best options in the market. Not every broker is capable of doing so, even though many do make some big claims. However, it turns out later that most of them are all talk and don’t really provide you the options you are looking for. This is particularly true for crypto traders who don’t offer more than a handful of crypto to trade and this can be immensely frustrating because there are literally thousands of choices in the market.

When there are so many options, why should you settle for a handful? Also, traders may also want access to other trading instruments, along with cryptocurrencies. Again, not all brokers will be able to cater to this requirement and this can be an issue because it means traders will not be able to diversify. Not being able to diversify is a major problem because it means you could lose big in one go and there will be no way to reduce your losses. Fortunately, GTlot is not like these brokerages because, as part of its customer-centric services, the broker provides traders unparalleled access to cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments.

Every trader is on the lookout for assets that are less risky, but can provide them with a high return on investment and GTlot has put together such a range of assets for its clients. It features some of the most prominent crypto products including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and NEM amongst others. The broker also provides its clients with the opportunity of trading in the stock market and you can invest in companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Forex currencies like GBP, EUR and USD can also be traded as can be bonds.

The broker has also added indices and commodities to their asset index. This means that every trader can find the assets they want to trade and can diversify their investments as much as they want.

GTlot provides training and education to its clients

One of the unique features of GTlot is that it has dedicated a complete section to the training and education of its traders. The team understands that having proper and thorough knowledge of the market is of the utmost importance for any trader that wishes to be successful in achieving their trading goals. Even a small mistake can lead to losses of thousands and this is something everyone wants to avoid. While material might also be available on the internet, there is no way to determine its reliability, authenticity and accuracy. You might base your decisions on the information you find online, but if it is not up-to-date and accurate, you will make the wrong choice and end up suffering a loss.

Therefore, users and clients of GTlot can benefit from the broker’s training and education academy that can be found on their website. They can find in-depth material about different trading strategies, cryptocurrencies, terminology and jargon and other aspects of trading that can be useful. You can find video courses, online tutorials and e-books that can assist traders in learning how to execute trades in the market and the factors that should be considered in decision making. They are taught how to interpret movements in order to make good decisions.

GTlot has also provided material to teach its clients how to monitor the market and use strategies regardless of the market conditions. You can also learn how to read charts and also check out what other traders are doing and learn from them. Armed with this knowledge, it is easier to improve your skills and get better, allowing you to increase your profits substantially.

GTlot provides a reliable customer support system

When you are engaged in online trading, you definitely want a guarantee of your investment’s safety and you want access to the best features and tools that can help. But, during the course of trading, there will come situations where you might need help. You never know when an issue will pop up; it could be while you are registering with the broker, making a deposit or trying a withdrawal or when you are trying to use a trading tool that’s provided. No matter what the case, it is obvious that you would require assistance right away and don’t want to wait because it could result in losses for you.

Consequently, GTlot has established a robust customer support system that attends to traders’ needs and complaints quickly and efficiently. The broker has made sure that their user-interface is friendly and it is easy for every trader to find access to the support they need. You can easily find multiple customer support options on the broker’s website and can choose a channel, based on the urgency of your query. If the problem is not that immediate, you can simply fill out the contact form provided on the broker’s website. You could also discuss the issue with them via email.

If you want a quick response, GTlot has given you the option of reaching out to them via call. In fact, traders can also schedule a callback at a suitable time. Regardless of the method you opt for, it is reassuring to know that the broker’s agents are friendly and responsive. Available 24/7, these people have knowledge of the market and will be able to provide you with a solution to your issue right away.

Final Verdict

To determine whether a broker is a scam or a legitimate company, the above mentioned features need to be taken into account. A study of GTlot’s offerings shows that it fits every criteria perfectly and has done an excellent job in creating a platform that can fulfill a trader’s needs in the best possible way. You can enjoy 200% returns on your initial investment with GTlot.

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