(Finantiko Opinie) Finantiko Review — Elevating Traders to Become Professionals


The current conditions that pervade our planet have forced people to find new ways to make money. More importantly, people are bound in their homes and they have to look for methods to make that time lucrative. Of course, it is up to you what you do with your time at home. You can either have fun, enjoy YouTube videos, and dance to your favorite music, or learn some new skill and put it to use to make money. That’s where trading comes in. More and more people around the world are finding out that trading from home is the best way for them to be productive.

Trading has been around since forever and if you learn to invest your money in it the right way, you can achieve your financial goals in no time. Again, you have to learn a lot of new things and the professional way to trade to earn profits on your trades. You can’t completely ignore the fact that losses are also a part of this activity. Now, in order for you to achieve your financial goals while trading, you have to elevate as a trader and become a professional. That’s where you need the help of a brokerage firm that can pave the way to your success.

To trade in financial markets, you have to sign up with some trading platform and trade on it consistently. If you are looking to do that, I have Finantiko as a recommendation based on its complete range of trading services and amazing features for new traders. Let’s get in this detailed review so you know what I am referring to.

Broker — Finantiko
Website —
Trading Type — CFD Trading
Available Assets — Stocks, Indices, Forex Pairs, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
Trading Platform — SIRIX (Trade Station, Mobile Platform, Web Platform)
Education Center — Yes
SSL Security — Yes
Segregated Funds — Yes
AML and KYC — Yes
Account Types — Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond
Minimum Spreads — 0.1pips
Customer Support — 24/7 (Phone, Email, and Web Form)

Finantiko — How Good It Is for You

· CFD Trading

You have a variety of ways available to you for trading the assets you are interested in. In addition to the types of assets that are available to you today, you should also consider the many formats of trading available. For example, you can trade the assets as they are or you can go with ETFs or futures trading. You also have options trading, which became popular a few years ago. However, the simplest and most popular type of trading today is CFD trading. In this method, you will be trading the contracts of the assets that you are interested in rather than trading the asset itself.

This contract carries the value of the asset that you want to trade but it can be much different from how you trade real assets. For example, when you trade a real stock, you really own that stock and are liable to sell it back in the market if you have purchased it. In this particular case, you don’t have the stock or any asset in your hands at all. You just have the contract that reflects the value of the asset that you trade. The good news is that you can enter just about any financial market through this method of trading. The contract is not your ownership document for the asset.

You just speculate the movement of the price of an asset. If the price of that asset moves in your desired direction, you profit and vice versa. The best thing when you trade with Finantiko is that you will enjoy some additional benefits. For example, your margin requirements will be extremely low compared to what you will incur when you trade the asset through a conventional method. So, if you are thinking about a trading career, you should definitely consider trading CFDs. And if you are already preparing to trade CFDs, you should consider a broker like Finantiko for all your CFD trading needs.

Finantiko Review — Gdybyś zarejestrował się u tego brokera?

· Trade in Various Financial Markets

Now, you already know from the previous passage that when you trade CFDs, you can be in many financial markets at the same time. That’s what you are going to experience when you sign up with Finantiko. The company has made sure that you can invest your money in the asset that you desire the most. If you are someone who prefers to trade fiat currency pairs from around the world, you will be happy to sign up with Finantiko. This broker has brought to you a lot of different types of currency pairs. You are not limited to major pairs only. Instead, you will also be in a position to trade exotic and minor currency pairs.

Yes, these pairs can have a lot of volatility, but they also provide you with a perfect way to earn big because of the volatility. If you are prepared to take some risk on your trades, you should prepare yourself to make big profits as well. In addition to that, you have the stocks and indices available for trading from all around the world. All the major companies operating in many countries of the world love for you to buy their stocks. If you know a particular company and can predict its performance in the coming times, you can speculate its stock’s price and benefit from the difference. Indices allow you to trade the same stocks but in bucket form.

With Finantiko, you will also be able to trade commodities. These commodities can include energies, precious metals, and even fresh produce, such as oranges, coffee, cocoa, etc. All of this is available to you on the same trading platform and with very low margins so you can trade without fears. Last but not least, you will have your hands on some cryptocurrencies as well. You can trade their CFDs and benefit from the fastest emerging market in the world right now. So, you can see that your choices are not limited when you go with a good online trading services provider.

· Use an Excellent Trading Platform

There will be no disappointment when you sign up with the company and land on its trading platform. As I have signed up with many companies in the past, I can tell you that most of them give you access to MetaTrader 4 trading platform. After seeing so many brokers offering this platform, I searched about it and found out that it was one of the best trading platforms that the online trading world had seen. I totally agree with that because I used the platform for some months. However, I can also assure you that your experience will be just as good or even better when you use the trading software from this firm.

They are using SIRIX trading platform. After using it for many months, I can tell you that it is nothing less than the MT4 trading platform. All the great features and highlights of the MT4 platform are here as well. Are you looking for something that makes sense to you right at your first glance? Do you want something that you can understand and start using in a few minutes? Do you wish to get a platform on which you have all the indicators, tools, and helpful resources available in the same place? If yes, you will be happy to use SIRIX as your next trade station.

Everything that you can expect from a modern trading platform is there on it. If you wish to use the platform on your computer, you can do that with ease because of the trade station version of it. The company has also given you a mobile version of the system. This particular version of the software has been optimized for mobile phones. This means it will run fast and smoothly on your device with easy toggles and options for your fingers. The best one is the web-based version of the software that you can use on just about any device without any issues. It runs on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers on all your Windows, iOS, and Android devices without any problems.

· Use the Best Trading Tools

You can’t really land in the field without proper tools. When you trade online, you have to make sure that you have the right tools that can help you make profitable trades. Keep in mind that as you continue to trade, you will lose some money in losing trades and make some in winning trades. This is what the journey of trading looks like. However, what you have to work on is to make profitable trades more often than you make losing trades. At times, markets can go completely in the wrong direction than you predicted, but that should happen only rarely.

Your job is to keep your predictions as accurate as possible. Even if you lose some trades, if you have enough winning ones, you will be profitable at the end of the year. Now, to do that, you will have to use the right trading tools. These tools can be extremely complex or tremendously easy. For example, if you are getting daily market reviews and news on your trading platform in a specific corner, that right there is a trading tool. It is helping you know the market and the recent conditions in certain financial markets. On the other hand, you can use tools that give you forecasts on certain assets based on Fibonacci sequences.

At this point, you should be happy that all of these tools that even the most experienced traders need are there for you to use when you sign up with Finantiko. The broker has made sure that you are successful with most of your trades so you can have an overall great year when you calculate your losses and profits. You also have a margin calculator that you can use before you enter trades. The point of these tools is to increase the probability of you making profitable trades. Once you sign up with the company, you will have access to all of them without any additional costs.

Ocena Finantiko — Czego można oczekiwać od tego Brokera?

· Educational Material for Your Help

Before you get inside a car and start driving it, you have to make sure what all the different components do. You have to learn to drive before you can safely drive it from one place to another. That’s the same thing you have to do when you start trading. You can’t just start trading just like that. When you open a trading account with an online broker, the next step for you should be to look into the training material. There is a reason every online company that provides trading services has proper educational material for every trader.

They want you to learn trading before you put your money on the line. When you sign up with Finantiko, you will get access to the finest training material without paying extra money for that. The important thing is that you can learn through the format that you prefer. Videos are best suited for people who have some basic idea of trading and can learn things on the fly. On the other hand, you have ebooks for those who want to take their time and only then start trading. So, before you invest in any type of asset, you should consider reading the training material and only then make the move.

· Professional Trader Support

Ebooks and videos are only training materials. They are there for you to read them and nothing much. They don’t speak to you or respond to your questions. That’s where you need professionals by your side. You need the help of people who you know have been a part of the trading industry for many years. These are the people who understand everything about trading and can give you the knowledge that can prove to be valuable throughout your trading career. Usually, when you sign up with online brokers, you get access to such features.

What you have to look at is the level of support you will get. For example, in some cases, you have the online companies providing you with expert training sessions. You will be in private training sessions that you can attend for learning how to trade. However, they usually put a limit on how many training sessions of this sort you can attend. On the other hand, when you sign up with Finantiko, you will get private training sessions but there is no limit on their count. Furthermore, you have the analyst manager included in your trader support when you sign up with platinum and diamond accounts.

The best thing for me has always been the amazing webinars. These are the events in which you can listen to the experts of the industry who will tell you each and everything you need to know about trading. More importantly, they will be ready to answer your questions when you have them. They talk for hours to let you know about the latest trends in the market. They tell you about their personal strategies so you can follow in their footsteps and make profits. Also, you can learn from their mistakes to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again and lose money in the process. In other words, all the support that you need as a trader is there when you sign up with Finantiko.

· Tight Spreads and Low Margins

You will love the fact that you can trade your favorite assets with Finantiko without putting too much money on the line. There is an important thing you have to know before you start trading. The price difference is not the only factor that you have to count when you enter a trade. You also have to look at the amount of money that you will be paying to the broker for trading on its trading platform. If you look at the table with all the assets, lot sizes, and spreads on them, you will realize that you lose some money on every trade in the form of a spread.

Now, there is nothing wrong with spreads. They provide online companies a genuine way to make money for providing such valuable services. The problem comes when you are being charged a lot of money in the name of spreads. Yes, the broker you have signed up with can decide how much spread you will have to cover on every trade. The bigger the spread, the more money you will have to lose in the trade. On the other hand, tighter spreads are good for you because they take away a very small portion of the profit you make on any trade.

You should be glad to know that when you sign up with this firm, you will have spreads as low as 0.1. Now, keep in mind that the spreads will not be the same for every account and asset. They can change from asset to asset and trading account to trading account. However, the best part is that there is a broker that can provide you with spreads as low as 0.1.

Now, another important thing that you will have to know here is that on some assets, you will be dealing with spreads, but in the case of some other assets, such as stocks, you will be paying a commission. The commission can be pretty huge if you land in the hands of the wrong people. However, there is nothing to worry when you are with this trading services provider. With Finantiko, your commissions are quite small, and they get even smaller as you go from lower to higher accounts. The amount is fixed on every trade once you have picked an account. With other companies, I have noticed that their commissions are in the form of percentages.

When there is a percentage on the commission, this means you will be paying more money for entering bigger trades. However, this firm has associated the commission with the lot size of your trade. The amount you pay on each trade is pretty small.

Review Finantiko — Ocena usług świadczonych przez brokera

· KYC, AML, and Information Security

The best type of compromise is one that does not exist. When you sign up with a company online for trading purposes, you have to make sure that everything will be safe for you. The company must have SSL certificates installed on the website for the safety of your information. Since you have to share your personal details, banking information, and identification details with the company, it is best that the company has some encryption in place to protect all of that sensitive data. You can rest assured when you sign up with Finantiko that all your information will be encrypted properly for your security.

Furthermore, you will see that the broker has strictly implemented and incorporated the KYC and AML policies for its traders. When you sign up, you have to provide your identification information through a government-issued document because of the KYC policy. Every online platform that provides traders with trading services has to know the trader through this information. As for AML, the company will ask you to submit the picture of the front and the back of your credit or debit card. Moreover, you will only be able to use the same account for withdrawing money that you used for depositing the funds.

These policies are there to thwart illegal entities from signing up on the trading platform and using their black money to trade. So, when you are on this platform, you can be proud that you are on a safe one.

Final Thoughts

You can see from all this information that Finantiko is quite a complete platform in terms of trader facilities, trading tools, and trader support. You get the support of professionals through webinars and one-on-one training. You get the trading tools on your trading platform that you can use anywhere and on any device. Low margins and tight spreads make trading even more flexible for traders from around the world. Now, if you were to decide about signing up with Finantiko, what would be your decision based on all this?

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