If you invested your $10,000 in BNB (Binance Coin) 2 years ago, your asset would worth $103,190 at the moment.

On 16th June 2019 (two years ago), it would cost you $33.92 to acquire one Binance Coin. You could purchase around 295 BNB with an investment amount of $10,000. According to data by CoinMarketCap, the asset had its value increasing by more than 900%.

Indeed, reflection is a vital thing, and there are multiple things that you wish you had known some two years ago. …

globaltrading26 website
globaltrading26 website

GlobalTrading26 Review

Technological progress has revolutionized almost every industry in this world. Whether it is education, business, healthcare, transportation or agriculture, change can be seen everywhere and the world of finance is no different. Before technology, people who wanted to trade in these markets had to deal with a lot of barriers to entry and found it difficult to gain a foothold. While the markets have remained just as profitable or even more so, making your mark has become easier than ever and it is all because technology provided the option of online trading with brokers like GlobalTrading26. Today, you can trade…

FXOro Review

The financial markets have always been notorious for the money making opportunities they have to offer. There are thousands of people across the world who have managed to accumulate a great deal of wealth, primarily through their career in these markets. But, even though people have been trading in these markets for decades, it wasn’t always easy to establish your career in this space. …


If there is one thing that everyone knows about the internet, it is that it has become a stomping ground for numerous fraudulent and scam activities. The best thing about it is that it is unregulated; there is no authority that governs the internet and there are no rules that you have to follow. While this has certainly been beneficial because it has given people a lot of freedom to do what they want without having to worry about anything, it has also given criminals free rein. …

Os ganhos em Bitcoin (BTC) parecem fracos em comparação com o Ethereum (ETH) à medida que a oferta deste último diminui.

O que aconteceu: A BTC negociou 0,13% a $59.285,22 por 24 horas na hora da imprensa enquanto a ETH subiu 4,08% a $1.925,03.

Durante um período de sete dias, a ETH subiu 21,92%, enquanto a BTC subiu 12,77%.

Os dados CryptoQuant indicam que as reservas de ETH mantidas em todas as carteiras caíram para 19,53 milhões a partir de 31 de março, pois os preços subiram mais de US$1.921.

Na quarta-feira, o OpenSea, um mercado de fichas não fungíveis…


Es cierto que el comercio en línea se ha vuelto masivamente popular últimamente y por una buena razón. Este dominio en particular ofrece amplias oportunidades para que los comerciantes maximicen sus ganancias y multipliquen sus inversiones iniciales en grandes cantidades. Sin embargo, antes de empezar a operar, un paso importante que debes dar es elegir una plataforma de comercio en línea adecuada. Es vital que tomes esta decisión sabiamente, ya que hay muchas empresas online y la mayoría de ellas son estafadoras o tienen credenciales dudosas. Lo último que quieres es ser víctima de un corredor en línea sospechoso. …

Założona w 2012 roku firma Coinbase wzrosła o ponad 139 procent w 2020 roku. Zebrała wówczas ponad 540 milionów dolarów w całkowitym finansowaniu.

Coinbase, giełda kryptowalut z siedzibą w Kalifornii, ogłosiła dziś, że złożyła oświadczenie rejestracyjne na formularzu S-1 w amerykańskiej Komisji Papierów Wartościowych i Giełd (SEC) w związku z proponowanym publicznym notowaniem bezpośrednim jej akcji zwykłych klasy A. Coinbase zamierza notować swoje akcje zwykłe klasy A na Nasdaq Global Select Market pod symbolem “COIN”.

Brokerzy Walut Krypto: Recenzja International Market Service Board — Przyjrzenie się z bliska ich ofercie

Założona w 2012 roku przez Briana Armstronga i Freda Ehrsama…

BTC Trends website
BTC Trends website

Read our BTC Trends review carefully to see why we recommend this broker for trading. Just to clear doubts, this is a btc-trends.com review.

BTC Trends Review

Even if you don’t have a financial background, you have probably heard how profitable trading is. There are thousands of people out there who have made massive amounts of profits by trading in the financial markets. This obviously makes you envious because who wouldn’t want to make that kind of money, but it requires a deep and thorough understanding of the markets, or at least it did. With the introduction of automated trading robots, it has…

EZDSK bewertung
EZDSK bewertung

Ist EZDS KBetrug?

Du wirst dich wahrscheinlich fragen: Ist EZDSK Betrug oder vertrauenswürdig / seriös? Ich kann versichern dass EZDSK ein legitimer und sicherer Broker ist, der ihre Trading Bedürfnisse abdeckt.


Die traditionelle Form des Trading erforderte, dass die Menschen den Komfort ihres Zuhauses verließen, um sich auf den Markt zu wagen. Sie mussten sich auf die Suche nach einem Broker begeben, was Tage dauern konnte, und mussten dann eine Menge Papierkram erledigen und sich in Verhandlungen ergehen, bevor sie irgendein Instrument traden konnten. Dennoch mussten Interessierte diese Mühen in Kauf nehmen, denn die Finanzmärkte boten viele Möglichkeiten und ein großes Potenzial…

Yuan Pay Group
Yuan Pay Group

Yuan Pay Group Review

If you are interested in becoming a more profitable trader or are a beginner who is looking to make the most of your trading experience, using a trading robot especially designed for this purpose can be helpful. These robots make use of an algorithm that’s developed to identify profitable trades and in most cases, these robots can be set to trade automatically within specific parameters. …

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